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At Plancom, we deliver a wide range of expert large format plan printing and blueprint scanning services. We are Trusted Printing Experts with a National Footprint.

If you’re searching for how to digitise building plans, we have all the solutions you need to achieve the finest quality copies and prints. We regularly plot drawings for local and national clients, as we have a track record of providing services that promise high quality and efficient project delivery.

Plancom was established in Centurion in 1985, initially to provide large format plan printing and copy services to professional firms and the public. Since then, Plancom has expanded its services to a wide range of industries such as architecture, construction, industrial and retail, both locally and nationally.

Our Experience

We Have Over 30 Years of Experience in Providing Professional Printing Services & Solutions

Our team consists of multimedia professionals who provide expert services due to their immense industry knowledge and experience. Plancom is classified as an EME and is 31% black women owned.

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Plancom forms part of a larger group, where you can find professional engineering solutions from our team of experts.

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